quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

 *****MATÓART *****- Maria Pia Tedesco

`♫•*¨* ♫•*¨`*♫•*¨`* ♫•*¨`*♫•*¨`* ♫•*¨`*
Italo-Brazilian artist , solar, determined, hardworking,
courageous, loyal, unprejudiced
and barriers! live my art and just proud of my stubbornness
  of a typical capricorn that does not save energy ... love
  life and everything that surrounds me,

  the music is a source of inspiration for my path as
  also good poetry and good literature!
♫•*¨`* ♫•*¨`*♫•*¨`* ♫•*¨`*♫•*¨`* ♫•*¨`*